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Business Success

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Business Bounce Back

In your capacity as business leader you will know full well what statistics prevail in your marketplace and how they will affect the chances of your company doing good business.

But are you sure that you are reading those statistics correctly?

Let us look at how statistics are presented.

Country X is experiencing an economic downturn, which has caused unemployment to rise to 17%. Interest rates have been reduced to 0.5% to keep the inflation rate low at 2.6%. And the rate of tax has been increased to 45% on earnings above 150,000. In an effort to lift 3 million out of poverty the personal tax allowance has been raised to 10,000 before any taxation is applied.

This all sounds rather gloomy. But let us take a different look at those same statistics.

In this Country X, 83% of the working population are in full employment, which means they are earning and have disposable income available to them and with the interest rates so low, there could not be a better time to make investments. And now another 3 million potential customers have entered the marketplace.

This would mean that you should be targeting your business revenue opportunities on those customers who obviously have disposable income available which they should be spending on your products and services.

Forget all the doom and gloom and focus your attention on this different look at the statistics which are presented to you. In this way your business will soon bounce back and bring you an abundance of success.

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